About Us


Terroir® Tea Merchant is committed to offering specialty teas direct from farmers and providing seasoned and new tea drinkers with a unique sensory experience.


Since we were both born and raised in Canada our first experience with tea was sharing a pot of Red Rose with our grandmothers. We’ve come a long way since the days of knitted tea cosies. During our travels we discovered many remarkable teas and now we’re sharing our passion with others. The motto “Do what you love and love what you do” has finally come true for us.


Charity is a Certified Tea Master and Jason is a Tea Specialist with a science degree, so we’re knowledgeable about tea from the leaf to the cup without being know-it-alls. We learn something new about tea all the time.


We’re excited to share this as the more you know about your tea, the more enlightened your tea experience will be.


Our vision is to bring a new standard to the industry and to change the way people enjoy their tea. And understanding terroir holds the key. After personally sourcing from small growers and cooperatives who produce teas that embody the terroir, we curated a tea menu that brings these unique flavours and aromas to your cup and heightens the senses.