LEAF – Local Entrepreneurs, Artisans & Friends


Success is on the other side of fear. Some ideas are small to begin with and it’s important to support those who take a chance and put themselves out there.


We’re proud to introduce LEAFLocal Entrepreneurs, Artisans & Friends. In our tea salon we provide space to feature makers who share our commitment to heighten the senses.

And with sight, smell, sound, taste and touch the possibilities are endless!Spencer Terroir Logo Cross Stitch


Spencer of All Trades

Spencer Diamond – our tea loving friend and crafter – first displayed his talents when he surprised us with a framed cross stitch of our logo.

Every Friday in September, Spencer offered instruction on basic embroidery stitches, cross stitching and crochet. Stop by Terroir Tea Salon to see the range of creations by Spencer of All Trades including Star Wars cross stitched patches and the most realistic crocheted cheeseburger.


We’re looking for musicians who make beautiful music; foodies with trendy edibles that please the palate; photographers who capture amazing landscapes. Any maker who creates something that heightens the senses.


Are you someone who would benefit from LEAF? Contact us with the details.