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Doke Black Fusion Tippy


For black tea lovers who enjoy a strong finish and a pronounced personality, this award winning tea from a unique growing region in India is for you.

Malt and spice with hints of molasses and caramel

First flush, Assamica varietal

Organic, hand crafted


India is typically known for its black teas that are named for the traditional growing regions where the teas are produced, such as Assam and Darjeeling. Doke Black Fusion is not your typical Indian tea. It comes from a family run organic estate on the banks of the Doke River in the Bihar District and we’re excited to offer this unique tea from this region.

The dry leaves are a mix of dark brown and golden with earthy and wood aromas. The dark red coloured liquor is brisk at first, then pleasantly malty with a hint of spice and caramel. The smooth mouthfeel adds to the experience and the tea is best enjoyed without milk.

Try pairing this tea with hearty breakfast foods, chocolate and rich desserts, like Black Forest cake.

Brewing methods

3g per 250 mls (1 cup)

First infusion: rinse leaves with 95oC water for 10 seconds and discard water; infuse for 3 minutes at 95oC

Additional infusions: gradually increase steeping time with each infusion

7g (2 tsps) in 100ml Gaiwan

First infusion: rinse leaves with 95oC water for 10 seconds and discard water; infuse 20-30 seconds at 95oC

Second and third infusions: infuse 20-30 seconds at 95oC

Additional infusions: double infusion time with each additional infusion

3g per 250mls (1 cup) of room temperature water

Brew in a tea flask at room temperature for up to 2 hours. Taste as it's brewing and strain the tea when you like the flavours.

Learn more about the origin and terroir

The Lochan family and their commitment to improving living conditions in the region has brought employment, running water and electricity to the village. And with the tea farm managed by Rajiv’s daughter Neha “Dolly” Lochan, local woman are empowered by her leadership to be independent. Dolly trains all the workers on the farm and she experiments with new processing techniques to ensure they produce the best teas.

In the words of the Lochan family: “Our mission at Doke Tea is to bring you teas that are unique in flavour and quality. Something that causes you to pause a moment to wonder and marvel at the delicious, comfortable experience it gives you. Our business philosophy at Doke is one that is first and foremost ecologically friendly to the air, the water, the soil, the animals, and most of all to the people who work and live on the land.”

In 1998 Rajiv Lochan, a tea garden manager and industry expert, planted tea bushes alongside the banks of Doke River in Pothia Village, Bihar District. The region – which is in NE India, close to the border with Nepal – is poor with a lot of political unrest and crime, and many naysayers didn’t believe the land was suitable for growing tea. However, at a low elevation with dense jungles, a lot of rainfall and a river – revitalized by a dam – that irrigates the farm, it was similar growing conditions to Assam and the Lochan family persevered.