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Professional Cupping Set - on order


Be a professional tea taster!

This is the beautiful Noritake porcelain cupping set from Sri Lanka we use to taste and evaluate all of our teas.

This lidded cup and bowl cupping set is used by professional tea tasters worldwide and meets International Standard ISO 3103-1980.

The cup has ribbed “teeth” instead of the usual simple notch, which means finer black teas won't flow through and into the bowl – ensuring a pure tasting. The lid is slightly over-sized to inspire confidence of both a solid fit when you are ready to pour into the bowl and to hold your infused leaves for easy viewing.

It also makes a wonderful cup for everyday use as many people with heat sensitive fingers prefer them over a gaiwan.

There are many different tasting methods you can try when using your set, but the best one is the one you follow every time.

Approximate Dimensions
Cup (with lid) – Height: 9.0cm | Diameter: 7.8cm | Volume: 150ml
Bowl – Height: 5.5cm | Diameter: 9.3cm | Volume: 225ml