Indonesian Silver Needle


Fresh and delicate this white tea is made from only young, unopened buds and is a perfect example of the superior teas produced in Indonesia.

Floral and fruity with notes of honeysuckle, white grape, honeydew melon and peach, with a smooth and mellow sweetness

Gambung 7 clone, Certified organic

Dried naturally using sunlight or indoors at lower temperatures for up to 40 hours; buds are then placed carefully on bamboo racks in a temperature controlled 40C room that is well ventilated with fans; slight oxidation occurs naturally during the withering process

1,150 – 1,350 metres

After infusing the downy buds don’t let the light honey coloured liquor fool you. Colour is not indicative of flavour and this high grown Silver Needle tea from Indonesia’s largest organic tea farm delivers more than what you’re expecting.

The floral aroma from the dry buds and the infusion is fresh and enticing. Smooth and fruity with flavours of peach, white grape and melon balance the honeysuckle notes and your taste buds are reminded of why this is the sweetest of the white teas. It’s no wonder that the tea grower believes “every kind of tea leaf (and bud) possesses more than what has been explored.”

The first time we tasted Indonesian Silver Needle it had been cold brewed and the floral and sweet fruit flavours were intensified. We were so impressed we knew we had to add this tea to our menu. 

White tea is typically too delicate to pair with strong foods and with its fruity and floral flavours, this tea is asking to be served after dinner with a light dessert, such as a sponge cake with fresh fruit and whipped cream. We also paired this tea with Aberlour A’Bunadh whisky and it brought out a flavour of white chocolate. Serve this with a young soft cheese and you have a delicious digestif.

Brewing methods

3g per 250 mls (1 cup)

First infusion: rinse leaves with 85oC water for 10 seconds and discard water

Infuse for 21/2 - 3 minutes at 85oC

Additional infusions: gradually increase steeping time with each infusion

4.5g per 250 mls (1 cup)

Weigh desired amount of tea leaves and place in a pitcher; add cold filtered water and stir; seal pitcher with a lid

Brew for 4 to 5 hours in the fridge

Pour through a strainer to remove tea leaves and serve cold brewed tea over ice

You may enjoy this tea more cold brewed as the muscatel and naturally sweet flavours are stronger.

Post cold brewing: the tea grower suggests that you infuse the tea again in cold filtered water for 5+ hours and again in hot water for 3+ minutes to enjoy second and third brews. Then remove as much moisture as possible from the tea and grind it into a paste to use as a face mask as Silver Needle is a cooling tea and has anti-inflammatory properties that can help with skin problems.

3g per 250mls (1 cup) of room temperature water

Brew in a tea flask at room temperature for up to 2 hours. Taste as it's brewing and strain the tea when you like the flavour. White tea is perfect for ambient brewing.

Learn more about the origin and terroir

Citambur Estate – Bukit Sari’s organic tea farm located in West Java province – has more than 1,400 hectares of highland and is Indonesia’s largest organic tea plantation. Organic certification was achieved in 2007 after three years of conversion time. The region enjoys 16oC – 24oC min. and max. temperatures with 150 – 200 days of rain 2,500 – 3,400 mm of annual rainfall. Research in biodiversity is one of their key concerns in farming management. They believe that every species contributes to the whole ecosystem.

Companion planting and application of local herbs and aromatic plants help as a natural repellent and fertilizer for pest control. The farm also involves natural pest predators in the food chain spiders as natural insect predators; birds to control worms; earthworms for fertilizing the soil. Since the conversion to organic the fresh mountain spring water flow rejuvenates and refreshes the farms year round and lends power for the micro hydro generator, to then stream to form Citambur Waterfalls.