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Li Shan High Mountain Spring


This oolong from the highest mountain in Taiwan will take your palate to new places and heighten your senses.

Sweet corn and herbal full flavours with a lingering finish and a floral and fruity aroma.

Qing Xin (Green Heart) cultivar
Hand picked in small batches
Western Li Shan

Medium oxidation
Light roasting

2,000 metres

Our first Li Shan oolong from the highest Taiwanese farm is sure to become a favourite. This tea is in our Limited Edition series available in one size only so more people can enjoy it. 

The floral and fruity aroma is impressive and will prepare your palate for a unique tasting experience. The pale yellow liquor starts with a taste of sweet corn and is joined by herbal notes that create a balanced full flavour. The slightly creamy brew coats your palate and lingers with hints of roasted nuts as it cools. This complex tea is a treat for your cup and shows why some of the best oolongs in the world come from high mountain Taiwanese farms.

Roast chicken with boiled potatoes topped with herb butter and a side of broccoli would pair well with this tea.

Brewing methods

3g per 250 mls (1 cup)

First infusion: rinse leaves with 90C water for 10 seconds and discard water; infuse for 3 minutes at 90C

Additional infusion: gradually increase steeping time for second infusion.

7g (2 tsps) in 100ml Gaiwan

First infusion: rinse leaves with 90C water for 10 seconds and discard water; infuse 20-30 seconds at 90C

Second and third infusions: infuse 20-30 seconds at 90C

Additional infusions: double infusion time with each additional infusion

3g per 250mls (1 cup) of room temperature water

Brew in a tea flask at room temperature for up to 2 hours. Taste as it's brewing and strain the tea when you like the flavours.

Learn more about the origin and terroir

Also known as Pear Mountain, Li Shan is the highest mountain in Taiwan. This oolong is produced at an altitude of 2,000 metres above sea level. The cold and humid environment makes the tea leaf soft with amazing aromas and flavours that is not found in teas grown at a low altitude.

Located on the west side Li Shan directly above a reservoir at the top of a ridge, the tea plants benefit from growing in this micro-climate. The grower has 30 years of high mountain tea farming experience and advises local growers on farm management. 

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