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Lung Ya


Refreshing, fruity, floral and vegetal.

This is not your typical green tea. Organic and hand-picked at the earliest point of the spring harvest, the leaves are thin, twisted and fine, emerald green with silver tips and a jasmine aroma.

Sweet, floral with a pleasantly lingering hint of artichoke and water chestnut

Chin-Shin cultivar, organic

Hand-picked, no oxidation

700 metres

Once infused the liquor is fruity, floral and pleasantly sweet with a hint of artichoke and water chestnut and a lingering fresh finish. The delicate and balanced flavour takes you away to a spring morning in Taiwan.

This light green tea could be served for afternoon tea along with cucumber cream cheese finger sandwiches. It would also pair well with a light meal of baked chicken and steamed green beans.

Brewing methods

3g per 250 mls (1 cup)

First infusion: rinse leaves with 80oC water for 10 seconds and discard water; infuse for 3 minutes at 80oC

Additional infusion: gradually increase steeping time for second infusion.

4.5g per 250 mls (1 cup)

Weigh desired amount of tea leaves and place in a pitcher

Add cold filtered water and stir; seal pitcher with a lid

Brew for 4 hours in the fridge

Pour through a strainer to remove tea leaves and serve cold brewed tea over ice

3g per 250mls (1 cup) of room temperature water

Brew in a tea flask at room temperature for up to 2 hours. Taste as it's brewing and strain the tea when you like the flavours.

Learn more about the origin and terroir

Pinglin is located in the Wen Shan region in Northeast Taiwan and has access to the purest water source with Fei Cui, Taiwan’s second largest reservoir, in the neighbouring Shiding District. Land development is prohibited and the use of pesticides and fertilizers is strictly regulated, which also creates the best soil and green land for animal and plant habitats.

Grown at 700 metres above sea level surrounded by trees the tea farmer’s family has harvested tea in this region for more than 100 years. Pinglin experiences a lot of rainfall at times, but the tea farm is on a well drained hillside and the plants are not affected. The tea is hand-picked and grown without the use of chemical fertilisers or pesticides so it retains its natural qualities.

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A Really Elegant, Light, and Subtle g

A Really Elegant, Light, and Subtle Green Tea

This is another great selection by Charity. Thanks to her amazing ability to source delightful oolong teas she has converted me to oolong and to Taiwanese tea. I used to buy expensive high end Japanese green teas, and they can be superb, but after a gap of a couple of years, I recently re- tasted a Hojicha Yabukita ( which used to be one of my absolute favourite Japanese green teas) and I was shocked to find that I far preferred this Lung Ya, which is almost at the other end of the taste spectrum among fine Green teas. Of course there’s room for many different expressions of Green tea, and we can all have a predisposition to one kind or another, and want different tastes at different times. Lung Ya is almost ethereal in comparison to the earthier, more vegetal Japanese Green teas, but despite its light body and floral bouquet it is very satisfying and has a surprisingly long finish. It’s good value for this quality, but don’t expect a full bodied punchy, earthy, or vegetal Green tea. It’s lightness is part of its charm